A blog to end all blogs…

From time to time over the past three years, I have tepidly experimented with keeping a blog.  At the moment, I believe I maintain no less than seven blogs, all spread across numerous weblog servers.  Of those, I only post on lunchwars with relative frequency (i.e., about every two weeks, when I remember to take pictures of my food).

Well, the time has come!  I present to you “le seitan au vin”–the name of my future restaurant (please refer to future blog post “The five-year plan” for more information), but presently a humble homage to the intersection of food and the other, non-edible aspects of life.

If you are familiar with lunchwars, then you have certainly noted the lack of high-quality photographs.  This is because I am lazy and rely on the MacBook camera, which results in shaky, unattractive pictures.  Fear not!  I have finally dusted off my mediocre-quality digital camera.  See:

Mediocre quality, right?  Have patience…I am taking one step at a time…

So, there it is–there’s your introduction.  Enjoy.


~ by algernon on February 10, 2010.

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