The Year of the Tiger: A Prelude

I arrived at home on Friday, at around 11:30pm.  Along the way, which was one hour off-schedule (thus totaling three and a half hours), I was serenaded by dulcet voices shouting:

“I keep cutting it and cutting it, but it just keeps growing back!”

and “Yeah, I definitely had cancer like two years ago.  My doctor said I didn’t but he don’t know shit.”

and “Can I talk to you about my boyfriend?”

and let’s not forget: “Yo, sir [Mr. LeBon-Hsu himself], you got some party papers?”

I am currently unsure which was my favorite “lyric,” but it’s definitely a tie between the one about hair and the one where the man used the phrase “party papers.”  Which one do you like the best?


~ by algernon on February 14, 2010.

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