Apologies; Robert Kenner Q & A

Firstly, my sincerest apologies to my loyal fanbase–the six of you deserve better than this.  This past week, graduate school has snuck up on me and bruised a few ribs (not to mention made off with a pretty penny), so I haven’t been updating/cooking lovely things as much as I would like to.

Hmm, well, this past weekend three weeks ago, I made some lovely seitan chops, which I had with that raw kale salad everyone (i.e., SB, me, the eco-moms and “green” lobbyists who shop at Whole Foods) adores.  I made some puréed cauliflower, which was a bit overwhelming due to the fact that i put raw garlic in everthing I purée.  I will post my recipes for all of these things as soon as I get some new batteries into my camera.

Also, I just made a huge batch of moong dal, which I look forward to having tomorrow.  As it is currently resting on my windowsill to cool, I will provide the recipe and pictures at another time.

Tonight Three weeks ago, AB and I went to see Robert Kenner speak at GW.  For those who don’t know, he is the director of Food, Inc. (see above, duh).  I’m not sure how I will fare at written reflections, but here goes…

What struck me pretty early on is that, first and foremost, Mr. Kenner is a filmmaker.  While Food, Inc. is certainly an important tool for food advocacy, I think his primary approach towards this material is that of a director constructing a compelling narrative.  Of course, this shouldn’t be considered a negative statement, but it certainly puts things into context a bit more.  The fact that someone who was initially an outsider to the politics of food production made such a compelling film really does say something about the rising level of nutrition awareness in this country.


~ by algernon on March 13, 2010.

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