Pizza crust attempt #14: Success!

So, after my undeserved hiatus, I have returned with a relatively successful baking story.  Some person once told me, “You are either a good cook or a good baker, nothing in between.”  To that person, I submit the challenge: Can you be a mediocre cook AND bake vegan pizza crusts? Let’s experience this journey together, reader, just you and me.

Now, as my dear wife Ladée and our friends AB and CS have witnessed, my prior experiences with vegan pizza crusts have not been too terribly wonderful.  First, I made the mistake of throwing all of the toppings on the raw crust and putting everything into the oven at once.  Chewy, gooey, not too pleasant.  Round two resulted in a blackened crust, which we trimmed and ate anyway.  Meh…

I seem to have found a happy medium in the process I used two days ago.  I mixed one cup of flour with dried oregano, thyme and salt.  Oh yeah, and a tablespoon-ish of baking powder.  I drizzled some olive oil, and added rice milk until the mixture reached a doughy consistency.  I think this is the part of the process that usually screws me over–the dough is either too gooey or dry.  I suppose one could achieve a successful ratio with practice.  Or making someone else do it.  I baked it at 450 F for around ten minutes, just enough to cook it a bit.  I took it out to put toppings on it.

For this round, I made my typical casheese, then tossed some yellow onions and kale–enough to make it chunky but spreadable.  I smoothed all of this on top of the crust then threw it in for another ten minutes or so, just enough to brown the toppings.  The result was delightful:

I had enough to make it all over again, so I made the crust and saved it for the next day.  I made the same toppings, but also threw some diced Peruvian olives on top of the casheese mixture.  Yum:

Hooray!  Now that I’ve gotten the hang of (crispy) flatbread, be on the lookout for more recipes that utilize this one new skill I’ve acquired.

Also, I have been working very hard on memorizing the lyrics to:

I am confident that my neighbors have truly appreciated this throwback to the eighties and all of the memories associated with it, which now include me singing it over and over and over again and again and again.


~ by algernon on March 13, 2010.

2 Responses to “Pizza crust attempt #14: Success!”

  1. ALLEN. Just when I am getting so, so, so unhealthily into food blogs, look what comes my way! This is so exciting. I will surely follow what you eat. You are now in my Google Reader.

  2. I’m so proud of you, darling! Those krust lookz yummy & delightful (like you!)

    Also, if I remember correctly (which I do), it was not YOUR fault the first two were failure-crusts that night. I think the solution is cooking in a non-ph environment.

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