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Yesterday, I took my last exam for GWU ever!  Well, technically, it was for DCPS, since it was one of the Praxis II’s, but if I want a masters I have to take it.  One important caveat, however, is that I don’t have to pass to get the degree.  With that in mind, I had A and my friend G over for dinner, then went to bed around 12:30am.

Turns out the test was a joke.  Not caring at all and not even cracking open a study guide really helped me stay on task and finish on time.  I expect a decent score, and hopefully a teaching license that I can tack up to my wall and be done with all of this DCPS nonsense.

After the exam, I went with my friend J to Vegetarian Soul Exodus on Georgia Ave (a few blocks north of the Howard U. School of Medicine).  If you want to be stuffed to the gills with some awesome vegan soul food, check it out!

While shoveling food into our faces, we actually managed to have some conversation.  I was very pleased to hear that Le seitan au vin does indeed have some readership!  With that in mind, I’m proposing something to all of you loving readers…how about, instead of me getting all irritated with having to recall and write down recipes, I just post some pictures of what I made and give you a little background on the dish?  Hear me out…

Food, at least for me, isn’t only about refueling our bodies with nutrients.  It isn’t even really about feeding ourselves something tasty.  I have my own ideas about what food is, but, when I sit down and blog about the things I make, I’m much more motivated to share the series of events and circumstances that brought such meals to my (or our) table.  For a minute, let’s make believe that food isn’t just a pit-stop on some fabulous trip we’re taking.  Let’s imagine that food is the fabulous trip, and we’re all, just for a minute, proverbially taking the same fabulous “candy tab” to enjoy the journey together.

Sound good?  Cool.

Here’s a sandwich I made a few weeks ago, with some home-made seitan (duh!).

Seitan, when made in huge batches like I always seem to do, is a great go-to protein for workday lunches.  I had it on top of a slice of multi-seed bread, some raw dino kale, raw bellas, and topped with a home-made barbecue sauce.  I topped it all with some basil leaves, which I arranged to look like sails on a boat.  This step, I believe, was the most important of the construction of this open-faced sandwich.

Since being with A, I have found myself eating a lot more bread that I had been for the past year.  My carbs of choice are usually pasta, rice or some other grain (quinoa being my absolute favorite, although technically not a grain).  I have, however, opened myself up to some hot, hot loavin’ as of late, and I must say that it feels pretty damn good.

A recently discovered 52 Loaves, by William Alexander, which explores “one man’s relentless pursuit of truth, meaning and  a perfect crust.”  Diane Rehm repped it like whoa on NPR, so it’s probably worth checking out. Personally, I can’t wait for A’s Amazon shipment to come in, so I can “borrow” his copy for an extended period of time.  Six-thousand years of bread-history (breastory?  breastory.) should be an awesome summer read…

…But not before I get my hands on the Encyclopedia of Pasta by Oretta Zanini de Vita.  In a similar vein of 52 Loaves, the author approaches her carbsploration within a slightly more academic framework, which is super sexy in my nerd book.

Librarian friends: let me know if either of these books ever get ordered.  As soon as they do, I’m swooping down and snatching them up for myself.


~ by algernon on June 13, 2010.

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