Curried rice noodles with dino kale and spicy panfried tempeh

Summers in Washington, DC, are heavy and slick with the sweat of suited government interns.  The forecast predicts highs of ninety and above, and I can only wear my one pair of shorts so many times until the threads melt from my body.  If anyone can suggest a thrifty thrift store where I can find some pants to cut up, please do let me know!

Two days left until the end of the school year!  After waiting so long for this moment to arrive, I’m a little disappointed by my lack of excitement, though a soon-to-be state of joblessness is certainly cause for apprehension.  Quarterlife crisis, jeez, let me chill out for just a week!  On the plus side, Le seitan au vin will definitely be getting a lot more attention in the weeks to come, so look out!

Before getting to the titular dish, I just need to briefly mention my favorite comfort food at the moment–creamy red lentil, quinoa and polenta mash.  I’m going to call it mash since, despite requiring no mashing, the word “mush” seems to have a negative connotation around these parts.  This dish is super easy and is a great hangover accompaniment, as I discovered this morning.  I started with the quinoa (as it takes the longest to cook), then added the red lentils and, finally, the yellow grits.  I threw in some nutritional yeast, along with some Bragg’s and some dried herbs and black pepper.  The three main ingredients go so well together, especially texture-wise.  Normally, polenta/grits don’t have a lot of fiber (or much of anything), so the addition of some healthy lentils and quinoa also makes sure you don’t add on a feeling of gross fullness to a throbbing head.  Just make sure you measure the water out appropriately, and add more as needed.  Stirring consistently is a must.

Anyway, curried rice noodles, kale and tempeh.  The curry was easy enough–just a simple sautée of garlic, dried arbol chiles, and onions with turmeric, garam masala, cumin seeds and a dash of Bragg’s.  I was going to use coconut milk, but its state of freshness was a little dubious, so I used water and a little bit of cornstarch to thicken up the curry.  I mixed in the rice noodles (I used vermicelli, though udon would also be tasty) and immediately threw it onto some shredded dino kale to “cook” it a little bit.  For the tempeh, I used the spicy marinated tempeh recipe from the Veganomicon.  Instead of grilling the tempeh, I panfried it until lovely and crispy.  Altogether, it was quite a satisfying (read: filling) dish.

To be honest, I really enjoy the taste and texture of raw tempeh.  The fried version was a little much for me.  The next time I make this, I think, at most, I’ll add some agave and thicken the marinade into a glaze, then just brush it on some lightly toasted tempeh triangles.  Who follows recipes to a T anyway?  Happy Sunday.


~ by algernon on June 20, 2010.

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