Onigiri with miso tempeh filling

可愛いですね?  (Cute, reet?)

おにぎり are delicious balls of rice which may or may not be stuffed with delicious fillings.  おにぎり are made with sushi rice (including rice vinegar, sugar, and some salt) and can be accented with a strip of nori, or other assorted decorations.  The only requirement is that the onigiri look adorable.  That is what makes them very Japanese.

I was inspired by the おにぎり on Makiko Itoh’s website Just Bento, where she introduced her readers to a very precious and convenient shortcut to rolling onigiri into lovely, lovely shapes, such as a triangles and circles.  Please refer to her Onigiri FAQ for tons of information regarding おにぎり.  Aww, they have faces and are pandas!!!

I really wanted to re-create the tempeh filling AM and I used in our sushi the other day, but, unfortunately, I am all out of umeboshi paste.  Instead, I mashed the tempeh with some green onions, kombu-infused soy sauce and black pepper.  Simple, but delicious.

Following Itoh’s directions, I used a teacup and some plastic wrap (If the end result weren’t so cuuute, I’d say shame, shame…) to begin my おにぎり.  I made a hole in my little scoop of rice and put some filling in, then covered it up with a bit more rice.  Wrapping it all up together in the plastic wrap, I made an extremely delightful-looking lunch, accompanied with a tiny roll of sushi filled with some lo baak gou for a little bit of a Peranakan flair:

(Note: Those small black dots are not sesame seeds, as I don’t have any, but chia seeds!  Gotta make it just a little more vegan-weird, reet?)

These おにぎり were almost too 可愛い to eat!

…But not quite, so I just ate them all.  Happy Hump Day!


~ by algernon on July 7, 2010.

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