Quic-pics: Polenta with home-made seitan medallions and tomato sauce, asparagus and red pepper risotto

Upon browsing the picture folder on my desktop, I found some lil’ treasures I forgot to post: polenta with home-made seitan medallions and tomato sauce, and an asparagus and red pepper risotto AM and I made a month or two ago.

As far as the polenta is concerned, the recipe is pretty straightforward–three parts water, one part grits, a few dashes of olive oil.  Stir until the consistency is creamy.  The seitan medallions were basic seitan, with a gluten-to-mashed-white-beans ratio of about 1:2, as I recall (but I have a poor memory nowadays, so don’t quote me on that), to which I added a variety of dried herbs and nutritional yeast.  The tomato sauce began as a balsamic and red wine reduction, to which I added crushed tomatoes with rosemary and thyme.

“What the hell is that thing on top?” some of you might ask.  Other might say, “Oh, that is an artichoke heart marinated in red wine vinegar.”  The latter group, in this case, is correct!  Good job.

AM and I made risotto with asparagus and roasted red pepper.  My seitan medallions made a guest appearance, as you can see.

The risotto is also quite straightforward–we achieved a delectable creaminess through the addition of a simple cashew purée, which we added towards the end of cooking.  A note to the risotto-wary: risottos are best done with a sous-chef, or at least someone to talk to you while you stand hunched over the stove stirring and stirring.  Here I am demonstrating how to perform this step with a left hand:

Alternately, you can create a risotto tag team, as evidenced by this picture of AM’s arms (they are actually probably my arms, judging by the shirt, but let’s just pretend):

Happy Friday, have a lovely weekend!


~ by algernon on July 9, 2010.

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