Todo sobre mi Algie

I am Algernon LeBon-Hsu–readers who suspect that this is a nom-de-plume are urged to check dreadtime stories, a literary blog run by my wife Ladée LeBon-Hsu and me.  Common nicknames include “Algie” and “Blue Monster.”  I am currently living in Washington, DC, where I work as a teacher for DC Public Schools.  With a little bit of luck and elbow grease, I will be moving on to other, more personally fulfilling pursuits in the future.  As of now, I am just trying to survive DC with as much energy I can salvage at the end of a day filled with eight-year-old children.

My aim for this little blog is to provide you with accounts of my culinary capers and the surrounding situations in which they occur.  Le seitan au vin is the latest generation in a family of unmaintained blogs–my hope is that I can succinctly reflect “the intersection between food and other, non-edible aspects of life.”  Basically, I’m going to talk about food I make and/or eat(maybe with some recipes included, if I ever get that motivated) and all the ways my current life seems to revolve around it.

If you were wondering, I would not call myself a vegan, though everything I prepare is animal product-free.  As a rule of thumb, I try to judge for myself–selfishly, selflessly–the qualities of my food and its origins.  What the hell are you talking about, you might ask.  If I answered that question, your burning desire to read this blog and the mystical food-aura surrounding me would cease to exist!  Read on, and let’s discover together what the hell I’m talking about!

Besides food, I enjoy a whole other delightful set of vices, one of which is contributing to dreadtime stories.  Very naughty–you know you want to read it, too.


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